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Most of my life I would'nt smile openly because I was missing teeth due to genetic factors. It has been a long process but now I have gorgeous smile I always wanted! My dental implant experience at Advanced Dental & Implant Care has been exceptional. Working with Dr. Pottorff and his stuff has been a wonderful experience, and the results of their work have far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Pottorff was very kind, genuine and professional. He has truly made a difference in my everyday life. My teeth are beautiful and I can't stop smiling!

Thank you to Dr. Pottorff and his wonderful staff for the professional care!

Paula Zachowicz

I have been going to Dr. Pottorff for many many years (too many to remember). I appreciate the fact that not only is he a great dentist and person. He takes the time to talk to you and always answers any questions you may have about your oral health. He is also an artist and perfectionist with the way your tooth or teeth look after a procedure. I know this from personal experience when I had a veneer pop off. He actually sent it ​​​​​​​back to the dental lab because the new veneer(to be placed towards the back of my mouth) was not the exact color match that he requested. He could have put on the veneer and I would never have been the wiser. This really speaks to his character. He is my dentist for life..... Linda and the rest of the staff are top notch as well. Linda always will tell you how much a procedure will cost before you have it done and that is the price it will be.

Marvin Basch

I would trust Dr. Pottorff and his staff with my dental care anytime. They are very good and certainly caring. They know how to help patients relax and are willing to take the time to answer all questions.

Julie Fenner

It was an emergency appointment since my regular dentist was out of town. The staff was very professional and friendly and Dr. Pottorff has a personality that immediately puts you at ease. Very down to earth and took time to explain treatment options in detail. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Vikram Reddy

Excellent experience both at the office and follow up on my progress, I would recommend Dr Pottorff as a seasoned professional in his field. Great staff and an overall painless procedure, any future work of this nature I would entrust to this office.

Rob Bedi

The best dental work I've ever had by Dr. Pottorff, and great staff.

Trinity Levenson

I recently completed my implant with Dr. Pottorff. After removing my upper tooth which had roots entering my sinus cavities, he had to grow new bone prior to implanting. Since completion, all has gone well. The entire process was very professional and painless. Dr. and his staff were all caring throughout the process.

Raymond Jorns

Dr. Pottorff goes way beyond the level of patient care that I expected. Not enough that he has installed three painless implants, but he and his staff have provided caring and thorough follow up. The entire office is open to and available for any questions, concerns and advice. I feel safe, protected and very well cared for. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Advanced Dental and Implant Care.

Eva Bee

Dr. Pottorff and his professional team are fantastic!
My dentist referred me to Dr. Pottorff when it was determined that I needed to have a tooth removed and we decided a dental implant was the only way to go. Further, my procedure was going to involve a more complicated sinus augmentation. Dr. Pottorff explained the entire procedure with me and his staff worked with me on the financial side of the process. When choosing to have an implant it is extremely important to work with a doctor who has solid experience and Dr. Pottorff proved that to me every step of the way. Receiving a dental implant is a gradual process that despite what you see on television commercials does not come together after one appointment. When I had successfully completed my treatment, I was confident that I had made the right choice working with Dr. Pottorff.

Karen D.

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