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dental bonding AlgonquinDental bonding uses advanced cosmetic dentistry technology to restore your bite to proper functionality, repair breakages, and give patients a bright and renewed smile. Dr. Christopher Pottorff is well-qualified and highly skilled in the newest dental bonding methods. Contact Advanced Dental & Implant Care in Algonquin, IL by phone or online today to schedule your appointment.

Dental Bonding Q&A

What is dental bonding?

A relatively new procedure, dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that utilizes a durable plastic resin that is the same color as your natural tooth. An adhesive is applied to your existing teeth and hardened – or bonded – to the tooth using a special light.

The procedure is painless and rarely requires anesthesia or preparation. First, Dr. Pottorff coats your tooth with a conditioning liquid. Next, he will apply and mold the putty material to your tooth. Once set, Dr. Pottorff will harden the putty material. Ultimately, the procedure is quick, typically taking 30-60 minutes per tooth.

What are the benefits and uses of dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a simple and affordable way to apply cosmetic dentistry repairs to individual teeth. Typically, requiring one appointment without the need for preparation beforehand. Some of the best uses of dental bonding include:

  • Restoration of decayed teeth
  • Restores cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Closing spaces between teeth to provide comfort and a more natural bite
  • Covering or improving heavy discoloration of the teeth
  • Changing the shape of the teeth to correct bite problems
  • Offering a more natural and less expensive cosmetic repair than veneers, bridges, or crowns
  • Protecting the exposed root of a tooth that is open due to receding gums
  • Provides cosmetic alternatives to amalgam fillings or porcelain caps
  • Providing a less expensive alternative to replacing chipped or broken teeth

Is dental bonding right for me?

There are several reasons why you might require bonding. Overall, it’s an easy and reasonably priced procedure that can provide a quick fix to a lot of cosmetic and restorative dentistry problems. Additionally, it lasts for up to 10 years, and you care for your bonded teeth with regular brushing and flossing and routine follow-up visits with our dentist. Call the office today at (847) 854-1200 or schedule your appointment online so Dr. Pottorff can assess your oral health status and discuss the benefits of dental bonding.

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