Medicare Patients & Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants are a popular alternative to bridges and dentures for men and women missing one or more of their natural teeth. A dental implant is very secure when attached to the jawbone, so patients don’t have to worry about slippage or a loose denture. Also, because a dental implant is designed more like a natural tooth, many patients find implants to be more comfortable.

Tooth loss can occur at any age, but it’s much more common as we age — typically after Medicare kicks in. Lots of people think having Medicare means their implant costs won’t be covered. However, that’s not always the case.

Will Medicare cover the cost of my implants?

It’s true, Medicare Parts A and B (also called Original Medicare) don’t provide a lot of dental benefits. Routine dental care like cleanings and checkups are not covered, and neither are crowns or bridges. Any dentistry procedure that’s considered cosmetic will not be covered either, and according to Medicare’s rules, that includes implants. However, there are a couple of exceptions.

  • Medicare may cover treatments that typically are not covered under Medicare A and B if the procedure is used to correct damage caused by an injury. So if, for example, you fall and knock a tooth out, you may have some of the implant costs covered.
  • If missing teeth are causing another major medical problem and replacing those teeth can help treat that problem, there may be a case for at least partial coverage under Medicare.
  • If you have a serious oral health problem that’s medical rather than cosmetic, such as an infection, inflammation in your jaw, or loss of bone tissue (called resorption) that interferes with your ability to chew food, implants may be categorized as a medically-necessary intervention, in which case the cost may be covered by Medicare.

How to know if you’re covered

The first step in determining if Medicare will cover your implants is to see an implant specialist who also has a deep understanding of current Medicare benefits. As a top implantologist in the greater Chicago area, Dr. Pottorff performs in-depth pre-implant examinations and evaluations to determine if a patient’s implants might qualify for Medicare coverage. Then, he’ll discuss your coverage options with you, so you have a clear understanding of your benefits and how they apply to your case.

Don’t let missing teeth take a toll on your confident smile — or your health! If you’d like to learn more about dental implants and how they can help you look and feel great, call the office at (847) 854-1200 and schedule an appointment today.

Medicare Dental Implants Patients Algonquin

Medicare Dental Implants Patients Algonquin






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