Dental Crowns Overview

Dental Crowns Overview

It is unfortunate, given all the restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures that are available to dental patients today, that some still continue to live with teeth that are damaged or a smile that does not make them happy. One option that can give you back your appearance, and also your ability to bite and chew, is dental crowns.

Crowns or Caps?

Sometimes, people become confused as to the difference between dental crowns and caps. The truth is, there is no difference. It’s just terminology. You can call it a crown or a cap – it’s the same thing. It’s a protective helmet that fits over your damaged tooth, and protects it from sustaining any more damage. You can call it what you like.

How Does a Dental Crown Work?

A crown (or cap) is installed when a tooth has become so badly damaged that an ordinary filling is just not going to fix it. The crown can work to seal cracks, give support for a filling, or hold a tooth together so that it doesn’t fracture. Dental crowns are also used when a tooth has become so badly discolored that porcelain veneers are not going to be sufficient to hide the discoloration. So you can tell from this description that crowns work two ways – they are both restorative, and cosmetic.

How Is a Crown Installed?

First, your Algonquin dentist will scrape off some of your tooth enamel to make sure that the crown will adhere properly. Then, he will take impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are sent to a lab that specializes in manufacturing crowns. Once the lab delivers the crowns to your dentist, you will come back in to have them fitted. Your dentist will prep the tooth a bit more, and make sure that the fit and color are right. Then he will cement the crown in place.

Installed, the crown will look no different from the surrounding teeth.

How Should I Care For My Crowns?

First off, do not bite down hard or grind your teeth – dental crowns are just as vulnerable as your natural teeth to this type of treatment. Other than that, though, just brush and floss, and see your Algonquin dentist for regular checkups.

Contact Our Algonquin Dental Crowns Dentist

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