Bonding/White Fillings

Bonding is a composite resin used as an alternative to amalgams and veneers. Tooth bonding is an excellent cosmetic treatment option for patients who do not want the look of silver in their mouths and do not want the expense of veneers. If your teeth are decayed, cracked, or stained, bonding could be the right treatment option for you!


The bonding procedure usually requires only one dental appointment. The first step is to remove the decayed or unsightly portion of the tooth. Next, Dr. Pottorff etches the tooth with a liquid or gel. Then, a bonding agent is then applied to allow the placement of the composite resin in the prepared tooth. The resin is then trimmed and polished, leaving you with a beautifully sculpted, natural-looking restoration.

Bonding Durability

Although composite resins are cosmetically pleasing and easily placed, their durability is not as strong as other types of restorations. These resins typically last from 4-7 years before they begin to chip and wear away. When this happens, you will need to replace the tooth restoration. Contact our Algonquin dental practice if you are in the Crystal Lake or Huntley area and Dr. Pottorff will examine your tooth to determine if a replacement is necessary. 





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