Most Medical Insurances Cover Dental Work as a Result of Trauma

Sadly, for many individuals, medical insurance doesn’t always cover necessary dental work that repairs teeth and keeps your mouth healthy for years to come.

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Make East Dundee and West Dundee Your One-Stop Shop for Your Dental Procedures

Advanced Dental & Implant Care provides all the cosmetic dentistry services for residents of East Dundee and West Dundee

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Dentures and Implants - Teeth in a Day

Statistically, many of us will lose a tooth during our lifetime. The sheer numbers are staggering. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and 36 million Americans do not have any teeth at all or are losing their teeth.

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The Importance of Repairing or Replacing Cracked Teeth

Oh no. You’re chewing on hard candy and now your tooth feels a little sensitive, but it doesn’t really hurt. In fact, the sensitivity seems to come and go. Should you call the dentist or just play the wait-and-see game?

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Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an exciting option for people with missing teeth. For many years, people who lost teeth because of gum disease or other reasons had only two choices: dentures or bridges.

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A Beautiful Practice For All Your Dental Needs

“We believe providing our patients with a better experience is the best way to ensure they have healthy, attractive smiles that last a lifetime. We go above and beyond to make sure our patients are comfortable, even at the most basic level. We understand going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience but with our office, it doesn’t have to be. So when you visit us you will see what sets our office apart from other dentists and implant specialists. From routine dental care to perfect natural looking implants and cosmetic dentistry, we promise you will be impressed. Schedule your visit today!”